PreMatch Discord Bot

Combining the 7+H timetable and calendar with your schedule, the PreMatch Bot provides convenience at the right time, with the right information.

The Entire 7+H Calendar, Back to Back.

From the first day of school to the last day of finals, the PreMatch bot knows the number of every school day. Try $$day to find out.

Secure to the Promise of Trust.

While the 7+H calendar and timetable are public, your schedules stay limited within the high school. Before using personalization features in a server channel, the server must be verified to consist of current Andover High School students only.

Seamless Integration with Your PreMatch Schedule.

By sending $$personalize, you can associate your Discord account with your PreMatch schedule. This allows the bot to gain a profile of who you are with in each block.

Useful Information When You Need it.

After you have associated your Discord account with your PreMatch schedule, try $$myday. The bot will curate schedule information that is most pertinent to you at the current moment.

Try it for Your Server!

If you would like personalized reports in your server, talk to us about verifying it.