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What is PreMatch?

PreMatch is a site designed specifically for students of Andover High School. It is a tool that you can use to find out which of your friends will be in which of your classes before school starts.

Who made PreMatch?

PreMatch was made by two students at Andover High, Daniel Ivanovich and Michael Peng, in the summer before their sophomore year.

Why was PreMatch made?

As students, we had experienced firsthand the chaos of schedule releases. Normally released around a week before school starts, these schedules cause many students to want to know which of their friends are in which of their classes. They often post their full schedules to social media, which involves privacy risks and makes matching tedious between friends. In view of this, we decided to make a tool that enables every student to discover their classmates quickly, easily, and safely.

Will others be able to see what classes I am taking?

No. PreMatch keeps the majority of your schedule hidden. The only information it asks for is the name of your teacher for each block. It does not ask for level, room number, or any sensitive information.

Is it safe to post my schedule on PreMatch?

Yes, it is. Nobody can post a schedule, edit a schedule, view a user's schedule or a class roster, or search for users without being logged into a valid gmail account. If you don't want everyone at your school to know which teachers you have, you can make your schedule private.

Can PreMatch get my Google password?

No. PreMatch only gets your full name and email address (to confirm it is a email). All sign-ins and authentication are done through Google, and if PreMatch will ever require more sensitive information, Google would ensure that it has your consent to retrieve it. If you want to learn more, you can read about Google's sign in policies or watch the following video by Google.